lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2005

noche de reyes

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2005

xmas special

Hi punxx!

This piece of shit has been posted by the headless chickens ruling the dimension kaktus, this stupid madrid-based radio show that attempts to ruin the noble reputation achieved by breakcore and other funny noizzy sounds. As an example : one day they tried to make us believe that a drunk spanish guy they invited was venetian snares! Fortunately, this radio is almost impossible to tune in so the damage is provisionally limited, but watch out as they threaten to emit via internet very soon!!!

-dr. Chi

- /*1st DK ANNUAL REPORT*/ –

lots of things since dk was born in march 2005!!!

/*radio show*/
some mythical sessions, thanks to our official consultant shuko kubota and his records, MC jeanpaul-sarthe, raul-da-bull aka pierre bourdios, and the xtra special guest appearance of ovenaXX and doddodo (the real ones, unlike venetian snares!;-) do not hesitate to contact us if you want to listen to these unsane demonstrations as they are mostly available as sound archives...

forthcoming : special brazil breakcore/noise scene introduction with a mix by dj hidrauliko, presentation of the madrileño mindstrike records label and also... an awaited az-rotator live act!!!!


Ginakman had the opportunity to demonstrate that he is one of the worst dj’s ever in some special occasions ...

18-09-2005> the gabu-gabu show!!!
Almenara festival. chaos flavour on this sunday nite in the park....

bigshouts to the few fierce warriors who attended that apocalyptic discharge!

17-12 az-rotator + vex’d + dr. derek f @ reset (zaragoza)
05-01 wise men party : dr. chi + dj hidrauliko+ special guest @ la zebracoja (madrid)(tbc) CONFIRMED!!!!;)
21-01 bong-ra + shitmat + imminent + more!!! @ ritmo y compás (madrid)


make your christmas special with the exclusive...


Greetings from dr.chi : suitable for your friends and your family as well...

Nativity: especially designed for your grandmother

.... more coming soon!!!

ohhhhmm-Dr. Chi